Commercial CCTV systems

Max Security design, install and maintain professional CCTV systems in Glasgow, Hamilton and Central Scotland.

CCTV in a small shop may only require 4 static cameras to cover the whole area, whereas a warehouse with a yard could use more than 16 cameras with some being fully functional speed domes.

Every commercial CCTV job is different and with such a wide range of equipment available it can be daunting to decide which system to go for. Thankfully, with many years experience we are professionals in the CCTV field and can advise on the best possible system to suit your needs and budget.

Listed below are some common parts found in commercial CCTV jobs:

Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s)
Commonly available to accomodate 4, 8 or 16 cameras and not as common but still available to accept 32 cameras, DVR’s are the driving force behind your CCTV system. Capturing all the footage and storing it onto it’s built in hard drive.

Vandal Resistant Dome Cameras
We would always recommend the use of vandal resistant domes for outside business premises as they offer more protection. Vandal resistant external domes come with various lens sizes and are available with and without IR LED’s to aid night time viewing.

Fully Functional Dome Cameras
Fully functional domes are high end cameras that are able to move. They are set up on pre set tours, which can easily be overidden by the user controlling the keyboard. Speed domes come in various styles and with different lens sizes and zoom factors.

CCTV Keyboards
Used to control fully functional domes, but some can also be used to control your digital video recorder meaning the DVR can be locked away in a DVR lock box. Most CCTV Keyboards also have a joystick, which gives a very natural feeling when moving the camera.

Redwall External PIR Detectors
Commonly used in conjunctioni with fully functional domes. The Redwall would be installed to cover a specific area. If the Redwall PIR detects movement the speed dome snaps out of its pre set tour homes in on that area for a closer look.

If you have any questions regarding commercial CCTV then please contact us.