Commercial Security

Whether you’re a large company or an ambitious start-up, we can protect your business at Max Security Systems Ltd.

Some of our commercial security projects include:

  • Industrial and institutional construction
  • Large corporate headquarters and branches
  • Small businesses, offices, shops and retail
  • Entertainment venues and complexes

If your looking to protect your business then you have found a company you can trust. You can browse our site to find out more about our products and services or if you have any questions or would like to receive a security survey of your premises then please contact us.

Bells Only – GOOD
Bells only intruder alarm systems are burglar alarm systems that are not connected to any communication devices. Should a bells only system be activated the system would alert yourself or neighbours and hopefully be enough to scare of a burglar.

Speech/Text Dialler – BETTER
Speech/text diallers are connected into your telephone line. If your alarm is triggered the dialler will call or text (or both depending on the system) programmed telephone numbers alerting of the activation. The telephone numbers are chosen by the user.

Police Response – BEST
For Police Response your system has to be installed with conformation meaning 2 devices have to be triggered. When this happens a signal is sent to a alarm receiving centre (ARC) who will then call the police with details of a confirmed alarm.