Access control systems

Max Security Systems design, install and maintain access control systems ranging from simple stand alone units to large PC based access control systems across Glasgow, Hamilton and Central Scotland.

In it’s simplest form access control systems give users enhanced security by proividing control over who is entering their building. However, access control systems are capable of much more than that and can be a great asset to any company. Whether it’s simply to keep members of public out of a certain area or it can permit only certain members of staff through specific doors. Access control can also be used as staff clocking devices.

Below are some common parts found in access control systems.

Access Control Readers
Access Control Readers can be installed both internally and externally. Depending on the type (keypad, proximity or biometrics), access readers require the user to either enter a code, present a fob or card or place their finger on the reader to allow access.

Request to Exit Buttons
Installed inside premises at controlled doors to allow exit for anyone in the building. The user presses the button and the lock is released for a set amount of time. Exit buttons also known as Egress Buttons are available in various different styles, sizes and finishes to suit most decors.

Emergency Release Call Points
Emergency exit call points are installed near by exit buttons. They look much the same as fire call points. The obvious difference is they are green in colour. Exit call points are used in case of emergency and when pressed they will shut down the access system and the door will be released.

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