Domestic CCTV Installations in Glasgow

CCTV has become more popular in the domestic market in recent years. This is down to several aspects listed below:

• With CCTV being so competitive, cheaper systems are available and more affordable to home owners.
• The introduction of DVR’s (digital video recorders) means no more video tapes.
• DVR’s can be quite small and don’t take up much room.
• CCTV is a great deterrent.
• CCTV can provide evidence.
• Remote dialling means you can view your CCTV systems live footage from anywhere in the world either on a pc/laptop, ipad/tablet or even a smart phone.
• CCTV is now common place and is seen as successful, so to want it to help protect your home is only natural.

The DVR is the device that records all the footage from CCTV cameras. DVR’s have built in hard drives which hold the footage. Once the hard drive is full the DVR will start to record over recorded footage from the earliest point. Bascally once the hard drive is full it will always be full, but constantly recording new and deleting old footage.

The most common question we get from home owners interested in CCTV is “how long will the DVR record for?”. There are various methods of getting longer recording times out of a DVR, but each method will reduce the quality of recording. Our reply to the question is “how long would you like it to record for?” or “what is the longest period you are ever away from your home?”.

The most common answer for being away from home is 2 weeks. In this case we would advise to set the DVR up to record at it’s best quality allowing 16-17 days recording.

CCTV cameras have advanced so much in recent years. We recommend the use of dome cameras as they offer more protection from vandalism and it can be hard to see where the dome is pointed. Domes are available with IR LED’s to help night time viewing.Below are some common parts found in door entry systems.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s)
Commonly available to accomodate 4, 8 or 16 cameras. The most common size we install in domestic applications is 4 channels as most people only require cameras outside their home. DVR’s capture and store all the footage onto it’s built in hard drive.

We recommend the use of external dome cameras for domestic properties. External dome cameras are not too intrusive, and are available with various different lens sizes and with and without IR LED’s to help night time viewing.

If you have any questions regarding domesic CCTV then please contact us.