Domestic Fire Safety Solutions in Glasgow

It’s unusual to have a complete fire alarm system installed in a domestic property, but that doesn’t mean we can’t protect you, your family and your possessions from the risk of fire.

We can incorporate smoke detectors into any of the alarm systems we install.

We have 3 popular options available for home fire safety solutions:

Option 1 – Install 12v wired smoke detectors.
Option 2 – We can install wireless smoke detectors by using a Galaxy RF Portal expander.
Option 3 – Wireless smoke detectors are available for the Enforcer wireless alarm system.

Below are some solutions to help protect against the threat of fire in your home.

Home Wired Smoke/Heat Combined Detector
The Exodus OH multi sensor detector from Texecom is designed to be incorporated into hard wired intruder alarm systems. These 12v detectors have low profile esthetics and are suitable for fast detection of a wide range of fires.

Home Wireless Smoke for use with Galaxy Range
The DF8M is a new wireless photo-electronic smoke detector
suitable for residential and commercial applications. It detects all
types of smoke and has a built-in siren for compliance with the
EN14604 European standard

Home Enforcer Wireless Smoke Detector
The famous Enforcer system is further complemented with this 868MHZ Two-Way Wireless Smoke sensor. Enforcer systems can be used to protect both homes and businesses alike where personal security and safety are paramount..

If you are interested in protecting your home from the risk of fire or if you have any questions then please contact us.