Domestic Intruder Alarms in Glasgow

Nobody likes the thought of an intruder in their home. A burglar not only robs you of your possessions, but also of the sense of security in your own home. Some people think it won’t ever happen to them. Well the truth is we probably wouldn’t be in business if burglars didn’t exist.

Max Security Systems can help you reduce the risk of being burgled by installing a cost effective intruder alarm system in your property and with us being an SSAIB registered security installation company, you could possibly save money on your house insurance.

All our systems are installed to at least grade 2, we only use equipment from recognised security manufaturers, such as Honeywell and Pyronix and our installations meet a very high standard.

We offer 3 types of intruder alarm systems depending on the interior of the building.

Wired – Fully wired intruder alarm system with longer installation time as we do our best to hide all cables.

 – Part wired and part wireless. Ideal if you have just decorated a room or maybe had an extension and need to add to your alarm.

Wireless – All devices are wireless giving a professional system with a very quick installation and very little mess.

Below are some of the most common parts found in our commercial security installations.

Control Panels
The control panel is the main part of your security system and these days is usually a blank box that is hidden away. The system is then controlled by a remote keypad/keypads that are wired back to the main panel and can set, unset and part set your intruder alarm system.

External Siren
The Delta Plus from Pyronix is an ingenious external siren that has everything you’d expect from a bell box plus the excellent back light feature. This feature makes the bell stand out and leaves a would be burglar with no doubt that you have a real operational alarm system.

Motion Detectors
There are many motion detectors available to cope with different situations for domestic alarm systems. For example standard PIR detectors are suitable in most areas in your home unless you have pets, in which case we can install pet freindly detectors.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you prefer you can complete our free security survey form and we will reply ASAP.