Door entry systems

Max Security have over 20 years experience in the design, install and maintainenance of door entry systems in Glasgow, Hamilton and Central Scotland.

Door entry equipment
There is a huge range of door entry equipment available from units with one button all the way up to digital units designed for use in multi story buildings.

Listed below are some options available:
• Main entry station can be standard finish or vandal resistant.
• Audio only or audio & video.
• Door station can be fitted flush or surface mounted.
• System can incorporate prox or keypad entry.
• Can include a service button with time clock to allow free entry set at specific times of the day.
• Audio handsets are usually wall mounted, but some manufacturers support desk mount.
• Video monitors can be traditional handsets or the more modern handsfree units.
• All handsets are available with privacy buttons.
• Various wiring options available including traditional, 2 wire systems, IP Systems and even wire free.

Door entry manufacturers
We use many door entry manufacturers including Bell Systems, Fermax, Videx, BC Technologies and Comelit. The manufacturers system we would recommend would be dependant on the system required and the budget for each job.

Door entry repairs
We’re well aware that there are lots of old door entry systems installed in Glasgow. It could be seen as a problem if your handset has gone faulty. The chances are the rest of the occupants in your building would not want to replace the whole system. Some of the manufacturers we use supply what we call universal handsets which are designed for such problems.

Below are some common parts found in door entry systems.

Door Entry Stations
In most cases door entry stations are installed outside a building at the main door. A visitor wishing to enter the building would have to press the desired call button to make contact with the user who would then decide whether or not to permit entry.

Audio Handsets
Allow audio communication when someone calls from the outside door station. Pressing a button on the unit lets you unlock the door for a set amount of time to allow entry. Handsets are specific to each system but there are universal types available designed to work with various systems.

Video Handsets
For use with entry stations with built in cameras, video handsets work in very much the same way as audio only handsets only they give the added benefit of video recognition. Video handsets are available as traditional handset/monitor type or the more modern handsfree units (pictured).

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding door entry systems in Glasgow, Hamilton and Central Scotland.