Enforcer Alarms

Max Security Systems Ltd are approved installers of the Enforcer award winning professional wireless alarm system by Pyronix. The system has won the 2012 Security Excellence Award and the PSI Premier 2013 Award.

Able to accomodate up to 32 wireless devices and with a wide growing range of devices available the Enforcer wirleless system is suitable for installation in almost all houses, shops, business units, offices and many more applications.

If you want Max Security Systems to install the Enforcer System in your premises you can expect:

• A proffesional Grade 2 intruder alarm system.
• A quick and clean installation with practically no mess.
• A intruder alarm system that is feature rich and simple to operate.
• An alarm system that can easily be expanded.
• No wires.
• Peace of mind that comes with all security systems.

Our HASSLE FREE QUOTATION FORM makes it so simple to get a cost from us.

The list below shows the some of the growing range of wireless devices available:

KX12DQ-WETwo Way Wireless 12m Digital PIR
KX25LR-WETwo Way Wireless KX 25m Long Range PIR
KX10DP-WEKX wireless 10m pet immune PIR
KX15DC-WETwo Way Wireless KX 15m Digital Curtain PIR
Two Way Wireless Shock Sensor
Two Way Wireless Smoke Sensor
KF4-WETwo Way Wireless Keyfob
WL-WETwo Way Water Leak Sensor (coming soon)
MC1MINI-WETwo Way Wireless magnetic contact with 1 reed switch
Two Way Wireless magnetic contact / universal transmitter with 2 reed / 1 input + tamper input (UK Only)
DELTABELL-WETwo Way Wireless external siren.
DIGI-1200Digital Communicator
DIGI-GSMGSM Digital Communicator